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Wash Seal and Protect your vinyl wrap for your car, bike, van, boat or infrastructure. Vinyl Wrap Wash is a mild pH neutral formula to wash, protect and shine your vinyl wrap. Vinyl Wrap Seal contains polymers and waxes that seals and enhances your vinyl wrap. These products are premium quality and suitable for use on high quality, high end wraps.

Vinyl Wrap-Seal Liquid Spray Sealer Polish & Protect contains a unique blend of polymers, resins, waxes, UV Blockers. Formulated to protect & enhance all Designer Vinyl wraps, Graphics, Signage and MORE! Used regularly, will assist in protecting the life of your vinyl wraps, graphics, designs, digital prints and MORE!
  • Spray on, Polish off!
  • UV+ Protect
  • Protects against harsh environment conditions including weather, pollution, contaminants, dirt, grime, droppings, salt.
Available in:

750ml | 5L

Vinyl Wrap-Wash is a new generation formula – Soft wash & wax in one. Contains readily biodegradable surfactants, polymers and waxes, which assists with providing vinyl wrap surface cleaning and protection against the harsh weather conditions, pollution, contaminants, dirt, grime dust, droppings, salt…
  • New Generation Formula
  • Soft Wash & Wax in one
  • Contains readily biodegradable surfactants, polymers and waxes
Available in:

1L | 5L