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Teak decks have many advantages: they feel nice underfoot, have good non-slip properties and enhance the look of a boat. But keeping them clean, mould, mildew and slime-free can be a major job.

There are many touted remedies. Some people use a stiff brush and seawater to scrub them down – but this isn’t recommended as this raises the grain and wears away the teak, which can expose screw heads and lead to early failure and replacement of the teak. Others recommend pressure-washing the teak – but again, this can cause major damage to the wood and should be avoided.

The Cleanaworx teak deck cleaner and brightening system will easily clean your teak and have it looking like new!

Applying these two products one after the other washes away the grey colour that has accumulated in the wood only to rediscover the splendid golden colour that new teak possesses. It also contains UV Inhibitors that will slow the process of your teak going grey and it will look like new for much longer.

Unlike other products in the market, our advanced formula does not contain caustics, hydrochloric acids or any dangerous chemicals that will attack your caulking or glues or be absorbed into your skin… and did we mention its biodegradable making is environmentally safe.


Part A is your Teak Cleaner. Designed to clean and cleanse, and take away the natural silver colour teak turns over time. Just dilute in fresh water, apply it to a wet teak and heavily scrub in a diagonal action across the teak grain. Scrubbing it diagonally will keep the surface uniform and even, and make sure the teak doesn’t become grainy.

Once completed be sure to rinse and removed all of Part A from all teak decking, including any run-off, lower decks and all adjacent surfaces.

When you have finished cleaning the teak, proceed to Part B Teak Brightener for maximum wow factor, and restore the colour to get teak looking like new again.

Once again just mix Teak Brightener with fresh water and apply evenly on to wet teak. Allow 5 minutes for Part B to neutralise and brighten your teak deck, and then rinse thoroughly off all decks, lower decks and all adjacent surfaces.

Use of the products is both simple and versatile and can be adjusted by the user to provide optimum results. Whether you need to remove heavy stains and mould or you’re just doing a maintenance cleaning, just follow the Mixing Ratio instructions to get a products that suits your teak’s conditions.

Whether you’re a boat owner, crew member or even a professional boat detailer, this product is for you. As it is a soft wash with no chemicals, it won’t do any damage to your teak, vessel or yourself.

Want to give this product a try? Just head over to our website to find your closest reseller or if you want to become a wholesaler of Cleanaworx products we would love to chat more!

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