CFS Descaler is an advanced power concentrate formulation containing new, advanced chemical technologies – The base formula is food grade Ortho Phosphoric acid with added special proprietary non-toxic patented ingredients. Non corrosion inhibitors won’t corrode any internal metals, gaskets, rubbers seals, impellers, etc..

  • Improves cooling water flow
  • Descales and dissolves blockages
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Reduces running temperatures
  • Industrial Strength

Available in:

5L | 15L | 20L

CFS -111 Diesel Fuel Treatment is an extremely effective diesel fuel treatment and biocide offering high performance especially on low Sulphur fuels. It contains no hydrocarbons, is non corrosive and non flammable. This product improved lubricity for reduced fuel system wear and decreased emissions. Added ingredients promote moisture reduction in fuel and de-scaling of harmful organic and non-organic matter in fuel tanks and lines.

  • Highly active ingredients
  • Highly effective biocide
  • Long fuel stability
  • Enhanced corrosion protection
  • Concentrated advanced formulation

Available in:

1L | 5L | 20L

CFS Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate is an ideal heavy duty degreaser for quick break oils, grease, sludge and soot. Use on engines bilges, oil sumps, oil tanks, black water tanks, grey water tanks, plant and equipment, and parts soak tank.

  • No solvents
  • No petroleum carbons
  • Cuts through grease and grime
  • Quick break formula
  • Concentrated

Available in:

5L | 20L

CFSP-9 and CFSC-9 Long Life Coolant is a premium grade long life coolant for use in all makes and models of vehicle including automotive marine and heavy duty diesel. Based on carboxylate technology and contains no silicates, borates, phosphares, nitrites, nitrates or amines. CFSP-9 and CFSC-9 is suitable for both automotive and heavy duty diesel engines. 

  • Anti Boil / Anti Freeze
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Monoethylene Gylcol
  • Protects all metals found in cooling systems.

Available in:

5L | 20 | Concentrated & Pre-Mix